More predictions in the cloud

More predictions in the cloud


Predictions in the Cloud

If the world doesn’t end today as predicted by the Mayan long count calender, then 2013 is right around the corner.  And with the change of a new year we get a whole lot of new predictions from just about everyone in a position to publish them.  As an emerging technology, cloud computing is popular choice for financial soothsayers and their attempts to gauge where the market it is headed.

Forrester, one of the major soothsayers, is no exception. They say that the next 18 months will prove that North American Enterprises have accepted the cloud, as solutions like ERP cloud continue to see adoption rates go up. has a breakdown of Forrester’s 2013 cloud predictions.

Here are a few:

Cloud and mobile technology will merge.  This is an obvious choice, though it might not be much of a prediction since it has already happened for the most part.  Maybe the trend will continue to a point where the two terms will be synonymous as the hard-wired computing market at large continues to shrink while mobility increases.

Cloud will be taken more seriously for its backup capabilities in disaster situations.  After super storm Sandy rocked the East Coast offsite backup became a hot button issue for enterprise across the country.

Federal law may be written on cloud security. Washington is no stranger to bureaucratic foot dragging, and while this may be a topic of interest in 2013, seeing it actually go into action is a different story all together.

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