Mobility in the workplace reshaping IT strategies

Mobility in the workplace reshaping IT strategies

IT professionals today have embraced the fact that mobility in the workplace is a fact of life.  Take a look at the infographic to the right to see some stats from a recent Citrix study on the proliferation of mobility in the workplace.

Mobility in the workplace is reshaping the way organizations interact with their clients, partners and technology solutions.  The priority for IT shops is, how to unify mobile business activity to avoid rogue IT applications and protect organizational security.

Information technology pros are notorious fans of acronyms, so naturally the alphabet soup of the IT world is all over mobility.  We have BYOD (bring your own device), MDM (mobile device management), MAM (mobile app management) and plenty more.

Love of abbreviation aside, what all those initials indicate is that there is a wide range of avenues that IT organizations are heading down to enable mobility in the workplace.  Here are some more Citrix stats that illustrate how IT is reacting to the mobile revolution.

  • 45% are increasing development on mobile apps
  • 44% are increasing adoption of secure file sharing and collaboration tools
  • 43% are improving network performance and access
  • 42% are increasing adoption of device management technologies
  • 39% are increasing adoption of mobile application management technologies
  • 38% are increasing migration to more SaaS/web apps for access via mobile devices
  • 37% are improving the deployment of security software updates and patches
  • 36% are ensuring that high-usage apps have a mobile client
  • 32% are creating remote working/flexwork policies
  • 28% are ensuring appropriate help desk platforms are in place for remote device support
  • 23% are establishing policies around device ownership

What’s more, powerful solutions like enterprise resource planning are meeting the mobile demand with mobile ready applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The fact is people like their tablets and phones.  They want to play on them, but more importantly they want to work on them.  Meeting this demand has quickly become a top IT priority.

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