Microsoft Hosted Dynamics GP Great Plains

Microsoft Hosted Dynamics GP Great Plains




Microsoft Hosted Dynamics GP Great Plains allows you to make your life a lot easier. You don’t have to worry about providing and maintaining an on-premise ERP system. These are some of the reasons we see people turning to hosted Dynamics GP Great Plains:

  • People that have had GP for awhile sometimes let their Microsoft enhancement fee lapse. They haven’t upgraded their system for a long time and because they aren’t current with Microsoft, the cost of getting an updated license seems way too high. Subscription licensing from a Microsoft Hosted Dynamics GP Great Plains provider allows them to have access to the current software. As it turns out Microsoft doesn’t really care if they drop their existing license and switch to subscription licensing because they will get new revenue from an account they may have thought would never send them another check for Great Plains.
  • As aging infrastructure hardware and software reaches the end of its useful life, the cost of upgrading and replacing it seems prohibitive. An easy solution is to just let someone else do it. Hosting is a great solution.
  • Most IT managers would rather have the finance and accounting group manage their ERP systems. And that wasn’t a bad solution when the ERP systems were pretty independent and easy to install and manage. But now the ERP systems are pretty sophisticated and take advantage of various technologies, e.g. do you want to link to email and IM, Lync? Do you want to have a live integration to your ecommerce websites? Do you want real time updates to foreign currency exchange rates? This makes the systems complicated and tricky to manage. Why not give it to someone else to manage?

There are many other reasons to consider hosting your Dynamics GP Great Plains system in the cloud.

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