Microsoft Gains IaaS ground on Amazon – SaaS Partners Push ERP Cloud Forward

Microsoft Gains IaaS ground on Amazon – SaaS Partners Push ERP Cloud Forward

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has enjoyed its reputation as the juggernaut of the cloud based business infrastructure market for a long while now, but its reign may soon be coming to an end, as Microsoft Windows Azure services are quickly gaining ground, according to Gartner’s 2014 report, Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

“Microsoft’s brand, existing customer relationships, history of running global-class consumer Internet properties, deep investments in engineering, and aggressive road map have enabled it rapidly to attain the status of strategic cloud IaaS provider,” said the Gartner report. “It is second in terms of cloud IaaS market share — albeit a distant second — but far ahead of its smaller competitors.”

As Microsoft begins to nip at the heels of AWS in the IaaS market, its Microsoft Dynamics partners are driving Software as a Service (SaaS).  Small and midsize businesses are moving to the cloud in steady numbers and it’s no secret that most of them already use Microsoft Office products, Outlook, Excel and so-on.  So when it comes time for cloud based ERP, Microsoft Dynamics SaaS is often the go-to solution for SMBs.

Microsoft’s network of partners are able to deliver local market expertise, often with industry specific knowledge and experience.  This allows Microsoft customers to get personalized service and support that a big shop like Amazon can’t deliver.  And with Microsoft Dynamics ERP hosting providers working closely with customers and partners, SMBs who deploy cloud based Dynamics get more assurances for security, technical support and even support for regulatory compliance in the cloud.

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