Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Generally Available

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Generally Available

This week Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2015, the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Building on its commitment to cloud and mobility, Microsoft Dynamics has made several enhancements to support web-enabled self-service business management with improved connectivity to apps and easier navigation.

Expanded workflows with Workflow 2.0 in Dynamics GP 2015 will help streamline financials, AR and AP, sales, payroll, and project expense related approvals. These new native workflows make it easier for customers to taylor their solutions and accelerate business processes.

New human resources workflows for pending approval of newly expanded employee self-service tools allow managers to maintain control while giving employees more freedom and access.  These features include Payroll Timecards, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Payroll W4, and Payroll Direct Deposit.

With better integration to O365, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 also allows users to:

  • Bring your email, calendar, and files together with your data, reports, and business management software.
  • Share the big picture, and get one-click access to the details.
  • Stay productive with highly secure anytime, virtually anywhere access.
  • Simplify your day with one password and one user experience.
  • Unburden IT resources to focus on driving business growth.

As the leading Dynamics SMB cloud provider, RoseASP can deliver a complete management solution in the cloud built for your business.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 enhancements are too many to mention in a blog post.  Too learn more, check out the GP 2015 Capabilities guide to see all the features that GP has to offer.

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