Microsoft Dynamics ERP Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics has several options for ERP manufacturing. You can select from very basic to very sophisticated.

Dynamics GP probably includes the most basic manufacturing functionality and Dynamics AX probably the most sophisticated.

Sometimes there’s a tendency to choose a new system that has all the features one could imagine. The thinking is that this will be a good way to go because one’s then covered for everything. Sounds good, but can lead to long implementation timelines and difficult to use systems. It’s also a good idea to implement a sophisticated new system in phases that will match your employees ability to adapt and adopt.

If all you want is a bill of materials and a production order, start with a basic system. Dynamics GP is a good choice. If you’re ready to dive in and totally control a high volume and complex manufacturing operation, choose Dynamics AX. You’ll have access to lean manufacturing processes, master planning, quality management, time & attendance, a product configurator, and advanced supply chain features like warehouse management, trade and logistics, etc.

Here’s some helpful information on ERP manufacturing that you can get for free. Check it out here.

If you have requirements for a formula-based manufacturing solution in an industry like chemicals, food, or beverages, you will want to check out Vicinity Manufacturing. Here’s a case study about one of their customers:


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