Microsoft Dynamics AX Azure Pricing and Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics AX Azure Pricing and Licensing

With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX, also known in the channel as Dynamics AX7, Microsoft is now offering simple, transparent and flexible per-user licensing on monthly AX subscriptions.  Dynamics AX cloud subscriptions will include the software licenses and the Azure cloud infrastructure. Now let’s look the details behind Dynamics AX on Azure and Azure pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics AX on Azure Pricing AX as a Service AX Cloud Pricing ax7 pricing

New Microsoft Dynamics AX Licensing

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX licensing for cloud will initially only be available through Microsoft and will be made widely available six months from the initial release.  Once the new version is widely available, enterprises with tight restrictions regarding compliance and data-sovereignty will be able to deploy the latest AX release on-premise using Microsoft Azure Stack or they can launch the new version in the cloud through RoseASP’s audit-ready Dynamics AX hosting services.  Azure Stack is expected for release sometime in CY2017.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Azure Pricing, Hosted Pricing and User Licensing

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Unlock AX on Azure Prices:

Dynamics AX Pricing is available two ways — through a Dynamics Enterprise Agreement (EA) or through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner.  CSP Tier 1 partners are able to bundle monthly AX hosting with tailored services for Dynamics AX on Azure, so it’s likely that prices will vary by Dynamics Partner depending on the level of services offered. If you have existing AX licenses, you can find out your monthly cloud rate on this Microsoft Dynamics AX Pricing page.

Dynamics AX Cost per User – Enterprise Agreements
There are now only 3 user types for AX7 rather than the 4 types previously available for AX 2012R3 –Enterprise User, Device User, Task User and Self-Service User. Functional User is no longer available. Fill out the form on this page to unhide the Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Subscription Azure Pricing List (each user-type rounded to the nearest dollar).

What’s included in the monthly Azure pricing with Microsoft?

  • Production instance
  • Azure infrastructure, so you are not paying anything extra for Azure
  • 10GB storage plus an additional 2.5GB for every 20 users above the 20-user minimum.
  • Sandbox Tier 1: One Development/TEST instance provided for the life of the customer
  • Sandbox Tier 2: One Standard Acceptance Testing Instance for the first three months
  • Disaster Recovery – the specifics on backup and recovery haven’t been made clear to us yet
  • Integrated Power BI and Cortana Analytics
  • Support: Basic technical break/fix support is included for customer who purchase through Volume Licensing with a response time of next business day, during local business hours only.  Additional support can be purchased or provided by the Dynamics Partner.  Customers purchasing direct from a CSP provider will be provided support directly through the partner

Available add-ons include additional storage and additional Test instances ($400+ per instance/per month).

A variety of “premium” sandboxes are also available from $1,300 – $12,000 per month.

Should I Subscribe to the New Microsoft Dynamics AX as a Service?

The new Dynamics AX Azure pricing and licensing offers a lot of scalability and flexibility to large-scale enterprise AX deployments, but a Dynamics AX 2012 R3 deployment may still be the better option for many customers.  Learn about cloud licensing options for your current version on this Microsoft SPLA Licensing for Dynamics page.

Here are a few important details to note about Dynamics AX as Service on Azure:

  • If you are using less than 20 enterprise users but need 100 task users, you will still need to purchase Task User licenses separately. However, an Azure Dynamics AX cloud subscription does allow Enterprise Users can be turned into Device Users. For example, a customer could meet the user minimum requirement with 10 Enterprise Users and 100 Device User CALs.
  • Regulated customers required to provide evidence of change management may find user access to their Dynamics AX as a Service environment to be a challenge, as no modifications can be made to any of the documents available in the Microsoft Trust Center.
  • Typically consisting of three environments – TEST, DEV and PROD, deployments of Dynamics AX on Azure take more than the 3-month timeframe Microsoft allots, so be sure to factor these environments into your monthly fee calculations for Dynamics AX as a service.
  • Microsoft currently suggests a maximum 4,000 users for AX cloud subscription on Azure.
  • No Management Reporter Designer (MR) access is given in Production. This means that if you plan on modifying a row or column or combination thereof, you will need to do this in TEST first, then call Microsoft and have them deploy it in Production.  There is no way around this.  Neither the customer nor the partner has access to Production.  While we agree this is a good rule of thumb, financial users may find this a bit restrictive when it comes to MR.
  • Professional Direct Support is available at a price Point of $9 per user per month with a minimum of 100 users or $900 per month. Premium support is also available for Dynamics AX on Azure at an additional cost.

Microsoft customers currently on AX 2012 will be entitled to upgrade to the next On-Premises version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, expected to be released during the 2nd half of 2016.

What if I want to keep AX 2012 in the Cloud?
RoseASP will continue to support hosting customers with existing AX 2012R3 or earlier licenses.

What if I want the new version of AX with fewer than 20 users?

Enterprises that need to deploy AX with fewer than 20 users can do so through a private cloud hosting provider offering a lower user minimum.  RoseASP can provide cloud services for 10-users or more on Microsoft Dynamics AX in our audit-ready private cloud environment.  We currently offer AX2012 R3 in the cloud and will be offering the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX7) as soon as the new AX cloud subscription licenses are made available to cloud hosters.  We specialize in hosting mission critical data and accounting systems regulated by SOX, HIPAA, FDA and more.

What’s Next..?

Hopefully we have given you some insightful information about Microsoft Dynamics AX pricing, licensing and available options.  If you need to get started quickly with a Dynamics AX cloud solution, see this Microsoft Dynamics AX Quick Start Page »

You can learn more about compliant enterprise cloud in this SOX Cloud Requirements eBook:
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