Microsoft Dynamics AX International Customer Success

Microsoft Dynamics AX is getting a lot of attention with the release of Dynamics AX7 and new cloud capabilities therein. These videos will give a real-world perspective on 3 different companies, in 3 different industries and headquartered in 3 different countries who are currently using Dynamics AX.



The Netherlands-based Priva is an international provider of climate control systems for agriculture and horticulture. This video shows how Dynamics AX helps them increase the speed of doing business and growth for the company.



To consolidate business intelligence and standardize internal processes for five worldwide business units, UmbraGroup is migrating its ERP platform to Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 in the cloud. In addition to lowering IT infrastructure costs and providing a seamless integrated ERP platform that’s easier to manage, the new platform will make it easier for personnel at all levels of the organization to access customer information and KPIs, to better react to business challenges, drive revenues and streamline operating costs.



Providing high quality food competitively and effectively requires an ERP solution that can simplify the complex supply chain process that exists from the source of food to it being bought by customers. Watch this “Field to Fork” video to see how Microsoft Dynamics AX is helping pioneering organisations to streamline processes, manage costs, provide innovative new ways to delight customers and build loyalty.