Looking forward with ERP cloud

Looking forward with ERP cloud

For a manufacturer considering the use of ERP cloud software there are a lot of legitimate questions about security, business continuity, reliability, and cost.  In the last few years cloud computing has truly proven its viability in the enterprise resource planning market, for all of these areas.  Ease of deployment and low upfront cost of ERP cloud are two of the top things that have made hosted ERP so popular.  But what does that really mean?

The best way to answer that question is to make a comparison between ERP cloud and on-premise ERP.

With on-premise ERP companies used to start by choosing a vendor and purchase the software license.  Then they would have to build IT infrastructure from scratch—buying massive amounts of expensive hardware to run the expensive software.  Then they would have to hire an IT team who was capable of implementing and deploying the new system.  If all went well, the next step would be creating a security system to protect all the valuable data.  Then the company would have to maintain it all.

Well today hosted ERP delivers all of that in a single package with per-user pricing.  That way companies only pay for the service they use.  The IT infrastructure is housed securely off-site so the only hardware you have to purchase are the user workstations.  With security and performance the top priority of hosted ERP providers, you can rest easy knowing the system is secure and functioning, so you can look forward with cloud ERP.

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