Keys Finishing ERP cloud deployment ahead of schedule

Keys Finishing ERP cloud deployment ahead of schedule

ERP implementation failures are the fodder of much blogging.  Not just that, they are used by many independent consultants as cautionary tales.  The what-not-to-do brand of advice is important and useful for all ERP and ERP cloud rollouts, but what about listing some of the things you should do. recently published a blog post listing five keys to successful ERP implementation that offer a refreshing perspective.

Focus Your Team—With the amount of change required to implement a new system it is tempting to try and get the most out of the staff by giving them multiple tasks at a time.  But the project is better served by assigning one task at a time so that employees are able to dedicate all their attention to that one thing before moving on to the next.

Do Not Micromanage—Trust your team to possess the know-how and ability to get the job done.  Devoting too much time to the minute details of every single employee’s responsibility can cause management to lose track of the big picture.

Know When Something is Good Enough for Now—This might seem like bad advice at first glance, but with large projects like and ERP implementation it is important to keep the momentum.  Getting stuck on details that will ultimately have little impact on the overall success of the project is a mistake, especially when you can go back and fix them later.

Involve the Business Users—ERP implementations are IT projects so it is easy to exclude the rest of the company in the process, but involving the business users in the process will help ensure that it gets done right early-on and that the software will actually be used in the long run.

Keep in Mind the Big Picture—Remind your people that what they are working on is part of the whole picture.  They are part of a team and it is important to let them know that they play a major role in the overall success of the project and the company.

The main takeaway from all of this advice—When implementing organizational change such as new enterprise software, maintaining momentum while keeping the focus on the big picture is the key to successful implementation.

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