Just one more great reason to go with the ERP cloud option

Just one more great reason to go with the ERP cloud option

As a company considers adopting an ERP cloud solution the usual selling point is upfront and long-term saving potential compared to an on-premise system.  But there is a long list benefits that make cloud computing the best option for many enterprises.

Softwarethinktank.com lists the top ten things a business should consider about hosted ERP.  As can be expected, the cost-saving potential that the cloud brings by reducing IT staff costs and the investment cost of on-premise solutions made the list.

A less talked about but very important benefit of SaaS ERP listed in the top ten is break-and-fix model of on-premise systems versus the end-to-end support model in the cloud.  Eventually an on-premise system is going to fail in one way or another.  Then the users are either left waiting for a technician to be called or they attempt to fix the problem themselves.  This is a common shortcoming of on-premise systems.  Cloud providers often have monitoring systems that keep business processes running smoothly, and round-the-clock tech help should anything go wrong.

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