IT solutions for non profit behind the times in the UK

IT solutions for non profit behind the times in the UK

IT solutions for non profitAbout 75 percent of charities in the United Kingdom say that their IT solutions for non profit business are outdated, reported James Bourne at cloudtech.  Additionally 75 percent said that they have no clear plan in place to transition IT into the digital world according to the research conducted by Eduserv.

Sill, budgetary concerns were cited in the article as top reasons why IT solutions for non profit in the UK might not be hip to the times, with 39 percent of respondents saying they hadn’t considered the cloud as a possible solution.

With a few years in the mainstream, cloud research his now proving that cloud solutions like hosted ERP can save money across an organization.  IT budgets alone showed an average savings of about 15% among large companies, according to Computer Economics research that CloudTimes recently reported on.

IT solutions for non profit have been revolutionized in the cloud.  With hosted ERP for non profit for example, a charity can get a flexible, scalable solution that is tailored to the needs of their specific niche at prices that are within reach.

The video below shows how one non-profit was able to benefit from a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.  It’s fast to deploy, quick to learn, and unifies departments, people, and applications on a single system of record.

Video: Bancroft Foundation Success Story with Dynamics GP

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