Is There Really a Need For “On-Demand” ERP?

Is There Really a Need For “On-Demand” ERP?

I guess that answer really depends on who you are, and what you do from 8am to 6pm everyday! (More about that later.) But before we dive into the question, let’s really define what “on-demand” means. On-demand, not to be confused with SaaS or Software as a Service, really means you can get it anytime. SaaS, while cloud based, doesn’t really mean on-demand, does it? It means, I found your solution on the web. I can use your solution on the web, but I really need to wait for a sales person to call me and give me pricing. Of course after I’ve been kept on the phone and “pre-qualified” and questioned as to when I will be making a decision and if I am the decision maker! Right?? I think some of these vendors, i.e. Netsuite, Intacct and now EpicorExpress to name a few are most definitely SaaS solutions. But they are not on demand!! A good example of on demand that most of us can relate to is renting movies. Today, that means picking up your remote and ordering the movie right then and there and watching it within seconds. Not waiting for it to come in the mail in the little red envelope in a couple of days, and not waiting for it to download onto your television. So that’s what “on-demand” really means. So is there really a need for it?
Now back to my initial question: I guess the answer depends on who you are and what you do between 8am and 6pm. If you happened to be the CEO or CFO of your company (or the only “C” of your company) you have lots to do between 8am and 6pm. And you probably work longer than that!!! So between those hours you are probably trying to work with customers in getting their issues and products shipped, working with vendors to try to get your supplies delivered on time, or working with your employees who always seems to find ways to interrupt your perfectly planned days with HR issues or communications issues – you know the kind I am talking about. So when exactly do you have time to review your current accounting system – the one that doesn’t give you the reports you need, the one you cannot access from home or while traveling, or the one that just doesn’t work anymore because half your data is now on Excel spreadsheets and you don’t know who has the latest version or you forgot which drive you saved it on. So now that you have tackled all the issues of the day, it is probably after 6pm and you finally have some time to concentrate on the fact that you need a new accounting system!!!
So you start your research on the web, looking for the right fit, and then drop out some emails, possibly so someone can call you tomorrow with more information (when you won’t have time to take a call). Or, you can find a site like that has all the information you need; it lets you view some helpful videos about the product, (without giving your complete company history on a contact form), register to use the product (without giving a credit card number) and know that it is backed by one of the largest companies in the world (so you know they will have the R&D budget to keep it current)have the ability to chat ( in case you get stuck along the way), read the blog experiences ( in case you don’t believe the vendor) or view the “how to” hints that arrive daily in your inbox that you will be able to save and read when you have time. Plus, someone with an accounting background also setup a useful and meaningful chart of accounts, pre-set some of the common setup’s that all companies need, and actually put financial statements that you could give to your bank, partners or investors without you having to spend time or effort to create them. And all that with: no sales call, no sales pitch you have to listen to, no demonstration that you have to wait for, no upfront fee (possibly a year’s worth by the other guys I mentioned) and no contract commitments – other than just paying your monthly fee!!!!. Oh, and an uptime guarantee of 99.5%! Hmm I think someone out there needs help with that these days.
And when you are ready for a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner to help you, myGPcloud will give some sites to help you find one in your area – self service of course!
Now, in my opinion that is “on-demand” and that my fellow business owners, accountants and “C” level execs , is what sets myGPcloud apart from the typical SaaS solutions on the market today So when asked is there really a need for an “on-demand” hosted ERP solution? Just look at your watch and tell me what time of day it is while you read this blog. If it is after 5pm, well you know the answer. Our economy has changed. We must do more with less people. We must grow our businesses without the assistance of financing either from banks or the public market. The days of extensive capital expenditures are gone. Great products with little or no risk will (must) become the norm, because that is what customer want and need. Try and tell us what you think. We welcome your opinion.
Linda Rose

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  • Putra
    Posted at 22:59h, 09 February Reply

    Gadi – we use Intacct here for Financials & Distribution (core to ERP) along with Salesforce for CRM and ADP for HR. So we have built all bieunsss apps out with Saas. For ERP, Intacct is an option, and I am watching what Workday is doing with their “GL-free” Financials design, and will be curious to see what Salesforce dows with ERP on which is in development (on a slow train I presume). The only proven ERP products in this space that are Saas, about which I am aware are Intacct and Netsuite, and Intacct has most useful functionality completed. Good notes above….Doug

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