Integrate POS Data to Dynamics GP

Integrate POS Data to Dynamics GP



You can integrate POS data to Dynamics GP easily with Integration Manager. Depending on how you design the integration, you can have a simple integration that just creates general ledger transactions in GP, or you can use an integration to support purchasing and inventory control.

If you want to create a rich integration to your POS system, these are some of the things you might want to do:

Control Inventory

  • Create an integration to increase inventory from the POS for items and ingredients purchased.
  • Create a sales invoice to show items that have been sold. This will show the sales price and the inventory items sold.
  • Create BOM’s in GP to represent recipes and menu items that include multiple items.

Control Purchasing

  • Create payables transactions for checks or cash items recorder in the POS system.
  • Use Purchase Orders to control purchases and provide the receipt information for GP Inventory.

Control Cash

  • Include cash receipts on sales invoice transactions to break down receipts by tender type and day. This will allow you to use the Bank Reconciliation function within GP.

A typical integration to integrate POS data to GP usually just creates general ledger transactions. And this certainly can enhance financial reporting; especially if you have a lot of stores.

This is a quick video that shows an integration I set up. Take a look at it:

Check out our Cloud Resource Library to get more information about Dynamics and the Retail industry:

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