Installing Silverlight in Chrome and Enabling the Plugin

Installing Silverlight in Chrome and Enabling the Plugin

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP in Chrome with Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool that allows rich applications to run smoothly in a web browser such as Google Chrome.  Using Microsoft Dynamics GP in Chrome via the Dynamics GP Web Client requires the Silverlight plugin to be installed.

When using the Chrome browser to launch the Dynamics GP Web Client, there have been reports of users receiving this message to install the Silverlight plugin over and over again:

installing silverlight in chrome

No matter how many times the user attempts to install the plugin, they continue to receive this message.

One possible cause is that while the plugin is installed, installing Silverlight in Chrome is just one step and the plugin still needs to be enabled in Chrome. Use the below steps to troubleshoot this problem.
NOTE: Using the flags function in Google Chrome can cause Chrome to not function correctly. Please follow only the steps listed below:

  1. Open up your Google Chrome Browser and type in the address chrome://flags/
  2. Look for the “Enable NPAPI” experiment and click the “Enable” linkusing dynamics gp cloud in chrom silver light chrome installThe “Enable” link should then change to “Disable”.
  3. Close all instances of Chrome and restart your computer.
  4. The Silverlight feature to access the Dynamics GP web client should now function in Chrome.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud solution is a powerful tool that allows you to access your business data using a web browser.  The Dynamics GP Web Client and a web browser you can access GP from almost any device or operating system.

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