Improve Customer Service with CRM

Improve Customer Service with CRM

These days the competition to deliver a great customer experience is extremely high.  Not only that, the recent technology revolution is creating new ways of doing business.  Speed and efficiency have become high on the list of priorities for any transaction.  Small and mid-size businesses need technology solutions that work to stay competitive.  Check out how two businesses improve customer service with CRM solutions in the video below.  Manufacturer Victrex and Castlefield Cosmetic Surgery Clinic made huge improvements to their customers’ experience.

VIDEO: Businesses improve customer service with CRM

Victrex is multinational company that was doing business with nearly 100 different systems.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed them to unify their customer relationship management onto a single system of record.  This greatly improved efficiency for Victrex.

“Now we have an integrated flow of information throughout the business,” said James Fleming of Victrex.  “Now we make decisions based on good quality data.”

Castlefield needs a lot of time and a lot of records to serve their customers, as a cosmetic surgery clinic.  This used to result in a lengthy period where consultants gathered the data.  Now with Dynamics CRM the data is right at their fingertips.

“Now we develop trust with our customer very quickly,” said Nishant Agarwal, Castlefield Clinics.  “Conversation rates are going through the roof.”

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