I Don’t Think You’re Stupid if You Don’t Backup Your Data

I Don’t Think You’re Stupid if You Don’t Backup Your Data

I just think you’re busy and there are a thousand things that seem more important. But when it comes right down to it, making sure your business data is properly backed up is fairly easy to do. Your backup policy should address these basic points:

Back up data and system software/configurations: You’re going to want both the data and the software that makes the data useful to you; should you experience a catastrophic system event.

Daily backups: Yes, do it every day; unless you can afford to lose several days of work.

Monitor and review backup activities: Set up alerts to indicate when your backup process has failed to any degree. And regularly review backup logs. Things can easily happen in your system that will cause the backup process to fail. Changed passwords, system configuration changes, unknown events, etc. can cause your perfect backup process to fail. So keep on top of it.

Periodic off-site storage of backup data sets: Storing your system and data backups in close proximity to your productions systems makes no sense. Doing this makes both your systems and related backup media vulnerable to single non-system events such as theft, fire, flood, earthquake, alien invasion, etc.

Periodic test restores: Most people don’t do this, and that’s a big mistake. They focus on the backup process, not the restore process. Having a perfectly designed and executed backup plan is worthless if the system and data cannot be restored.

If you’re having challenges with maintaining an effective backup policy, you should consider Dynamics hosting.

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