How cloud adoption will change the face of enterprise

How cloud adoption will change the face of enterprise

With the introduction of cloud computing only few years ago, the possibilities for change seemed almost limitless, and still do to an extent.  In fact so much of cloud chatter is hypothetical, though often based on observable trends and research.  Perhaps one of the areas where change can be most dramatically observed is enterprise software and ERP cloud.  We are very much starting to see resistance to cloud dissipate in enterprise as the steady progress of cloud technology has earned new levels of acceptance.  Now it becomes a question of how cloud adoption will change the face of enterprise.

A recent study from Brocade, a network solution provider, revealed that many see the role of CIO changing to one that is more focused on business goals, policy enforcement and mediation between business units and service providers.  At least half of CIOs that responded to the survey attributed this shift to the introduction of cloud services.

The study predicts that by 2020 the CIO will look something more akin to COO, spending more time in the board room than in the server room.  Understanding the businesses long-term strategies and seeing technology as a tool to make those strategies successful.  While the role of CIO may be changing, the role of ERP has always been about business and not technology, and the same is true with hosted ERP as we have entered the era of the cloud.



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