Hosted ERP Wave of the Future?

Hosted ERP Wave of the Future?

Hosted ERP has been receiving a lot of support, attention, buzz, etc. for over five years. Microsoft has been pushing “Cloud” for years. It’s still one of their main themes. Heard it yet?

Our own hosting business has increased dramatically in the past few years.


But many business people still think the cloud is risky.

Panorama Consulting recently published a new report in which they stated that, “Although the market for cloud usage is growing, its adoption rate continues to suffer from the perception that it is a risky endeavor.”

Panorama Consulting went on to say that their, “experience has shown that cloud providers typically provide more secure and reliable solutions than any internal IT group ever could, which is an important point for executives to consider during the software selection process.”

Read that last sentence again; “more secure and reliable…than any internal IT group ever could” provide.

Panorama Consulting Solutions’ report includes this graph that shows that a majority of organizations in their survey implemented their systems on-premise:

Hosted ERP

Panorama Consulting Solutions developed the 2013 ERP Report to investigate ERP software selection, implementation and satisfaction trends across industries, company sizes and geographic locations. The report summarizes Panorama’s independent research into the experiences of ERP customers with regards to enterprise software, vendors, consultants and implementations overall.”

You can download it here. Do it now.

Visit our Cloud Resource Library to find more information about ERP solutions:

Hosted ERP

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