Hosted ERP Agility Leaves Room for Growth and Change

Hosted ERP Agility Leaves Room for Growth and Change

There is plenty of compelling evidence out there about the cost saving benefits of using ERP cloud solutions like Microsoft Cloud Dynamics.  Often times the cost of hosted ERP is compared to on-premise and home-grown systems.  One of the hallmarks of ERP cloud is its agility.

So what does that really mean?  Well technology is in a constant state of advancement.  Markets and economies are in a constant state of flux.  Keeping up with all this change is critical for a business that wants to stay competitive, and one of the ways IT people in charge of home-grown systems try to stay up to date and keep up with growth is to add on to the existing system with new applications.  Also as companies grow and open and begin to incorporate new sites they hire new IT staff for those sites, who then create their own systems, and pretty soon you find your company in a situation like Revlon.

Revlon was one of the featured customer spotlights and Convergence 2013 in New Orleans, where they revealed that they are in the process of consolidating 21 separate ERP systems, and they are choosing a Microsoft Dynamics solution to get it done.

According to an article at, Dell is also deploying Microsoft Dynamics to consolidate their 30 highly customized applications.  Both companies will be saving untold fortunes in reduced maintenance and upkeep of these systems.

Whether you are just starting out and want to avoid getting caught in a tangle of disparate systems or you are looking to consolidate what you already have, a cloud ERP solution can probably help.  With hosted ERP you get the agility you need to grow, expand, and update as the world changes around you without getting bogged down by massive IT expenditures.

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