Dynamics ERP SaaS the Way You Want It

Dynamics ERP SaaS the Way You Want It



We offer hosted Dynamics the way you want it. Depending on your requirements, your software, your users, and your future plans, we can design an environment to meet your needs.

Hosted Dynamics systems can be simple; requiring a single production instance with a handful of users. Or it can be complex with software from multiple developers and many users with varying functions; with production, test, and development instances.

We can design an ERP environment to meet your needs with:

  • Your specific configurations (You may have special configurations that make your Dynamics system unique. We currently host a wide variety of configurations and we can probably host your as well.)
  • Your customizations (You may have report customizations or code customizations. We can host those for you)
  • Your integrations (Whether you’re integrating only on a periodic basis or require a continuous connection to a website of line or business system, we can run the integration for you)

If you like your existing system with its configurations,customizations, and integrations, we can host that system and you can take advantage of the many benefits of having your system maintained by us in a safe and secure data center. Click here to see just some of the benefits of hosting.

Listen to Linda Rose outline how we work with you to design a hosted Dynamics environment to meet your needs:


To find out more information, check out our interactive video here:

Dynamics Hosting Video


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