SaaS Dynamics Microsoft ERP Improves Your System

SaaS Dynamics Microsoft ERP Improves Your System



Hosted Dynamics improves your ERP system by keeping your system running the best it can in a very secure environment.

ERP systems have become increasingly sophisticated and complex. The desire to incorporate new technology and improve the user experience has led to systems that are very effective and useful and at the same time can take a lot of effort to maintain. This is how we can help you improve the performance of your ERP system:

  • We make sure your system is kept up to date by migrating to major versions when they are released and judiciously applying service packs and patches. A lot of on-premise ERP systems are not maintained anywhere near the level of contemporary software release they should be.
  • We perform upgrades and fixes on your schedule. We plan the timing of upgrades with you to minimize the impact on your business.
  • We perform upgrades to a test system first and give you and your Dynamics partner access to the test system so your can examine the results for yourself. When you’re satisfied that the upgrade process has met your expectations, we perform the production upgrade of your system.
  • We use top tier data centers in which we run and maintain your system. Using top tier data centers allows us to take advantage of superior physical security, access to multiple Internet carriers, uninterruptible power, and other physical environmental elements that provides a safe and secure environment for your system.
  • We incorporate continuous system monitoring, intrusion detection, and virus protection to further keep your system safe and secure.
  • We also perform daily backups of all your system data. We transfer backups to an off-site location on a weekly basis, and maintain annual backups for seven years.

Hosted Dynamics allows you to take full advantage of your system investment by making sure it’s safe and secure and that it runs the best it can.

Hear Linda outline the value of hosting your Dynamics ERP system with RoseASP:


For more information you might want to check out out interactive video here:

Dynamics Hosting Video

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