Hosted Dynamics AX Virtual Server or Not

Hosted Dynamics AX Virtual Server or Not

Hosted Dynamics AXHosted Dynamics AX can free you of most of the headaches of running and maintaining this sophisticated ERP system. There are a number of different hosting providers that can set you up with a good hosted Dynamics AX environment. We’ve been finding lately that some hosting partners seem to be over-virtualizing the AX environments.

Our experience is that with more than 10 users, you should really use a dedicated SQL Server machine, bare metal with OS and SQL Server, no virtual servers. This of course raises the cost of supporting an AX system. But if you want your users to be happy with response times, a dedicated SQL server is something you’ll need.

We will virtualize the AOS and application servers, but we use Windows Server 2012 which allows us to specify more than 4 processors for a virtual server. Our servers are multi-quad machines and in order to provide the best virtualized environment for the AOS and applications servers, you have to be able to access more than 4 processors to maintain an acceptable user experience.

If you’re considering hosting your Dynamics AX system make sure you know the specifics of the hosting environment your hosting provider is suggesting.

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