HIPAA-Compliant Hosting for Your Cloud

Need to meet the requirements of the HIPAA HITECH Act? We’ve got you covered.

Since 2000, RoseASP has been delivering HIPAA-compliant hosting services to clients needing to streamline their auditing, documentation, and security processes.

HIPPA Compliant Hosting for ERP

RoseASP’s combination of internal safeguards, business associate agreements, and financially-backed SLAs allow HIPAA covered entities to grow their business in the cloud without putting their ePHI data at risk.

Internal Safeguards

Business Associate Agreement

Financially Backed SLA

Hosted Dynamics Solutions

Your Data Custodians

RoseASP’s clients look to us as their trusted data custodians. Our robust array of safeguards allows us to provide secure HIPAA- compliant hosting services that meet or exceed requirements.


With more than 15 years experience as a HIPAA-certified Dynamics ERP cloud services provider specializing in corporate finances and risk management, RoseASP continues to be an industry leader you can trust with your compliance needs.


Accountants + Engineers = a better cloud.

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