Healthcare organizations find cost effective life sciences business software

Healthcare organizations find cost effective life sciences business software

With a decline in funding in the U.S., health services and biomedical leaders will turn to the cloud for cost effective life sciences business software with faster time to value and overall savings.
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The total U.S. contribution to biomedical funding, both private and public, declined from 57 percent to 44 percent of the global total between 2004 and 2012, according to a recent Boston Consulting Group report.

While industry players are squeezing the last drop out of every penny, start-ups and new organizations are not likely to spend upfront capital on implementing internal systems with large datacenters and high licensing costs – not to mention the cost of employing IT staff required to manage the system once it is up and running.

But traditional entry-level systems like QuickBooks are not suited to managing organizations in life sciences or health services.  With strict requirements for security and compliance, the industry requires sophisticated solutions for enterprise management.  But is it possible to get enterprise level functionality, security and compliance and still get cost effective life sciences business management software?

The power is in the provider – While there are many solutions out there that offer the management, accounting and reporting functionality that health related businesses need, they still need to find a hosting provider that can provide a secure cloud environment with backstops and internal controls to support the compliance needs of life sciences and health services organizations.

Furthermore, investing in accounting software that does not integrate to other mission critical applications does not make sense. A hosting provider equipped to serve life sciences organizations will not only offer services and support for compliance, but also be able to offer flexible integration and a suite of applications that serve life sciences organizations.

Rural Metro, a national 911 emergency ambulance, medical and fire protection organization, manages its systems with a cloud based business solution with a more affordable a predictable price structure.  Plus they have the added assurance of choosing a hosting provider that offers a highly compliant environment.

In fact, compliance, confidentiality and security were top factors behind Rural Metro’s decision to go with RoseASP as its hosting provider.

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