Growth of bring your own device and social drivers

Growth of bring your own device and social drivers

There is a lot to be said for mobility and the growth of bring your own device (BYOD).  Anytime-anywhere access, potential for reducing cost of housing staff and many more benefits.  And when combined with an ERP cloud solution it can be a powerful tool.

But in the end, the thing that might drive mobility adoption is much simpler.  People just like to use their mobile devices.  More than that, some people can’t live without them.  A recent survey conducted by Samsung Telecommunications America revealed some startling statistics that reflect just how much people depend on their mobile devices.

  • 49% would rather have their desktop die than their smartphone.
  • 55% would prefer to choose and pay for their own work smartphone than not have a smartphone at all for work.
  • 38% would choose a new tablet over an extra week’s paid vacation as a bonus (do they not realize they can probably buy an entry-level tablet or two with what they earn in a week of paid vacation?)
  • 71% would rather share the key to their house with a stranger than share their smartphone password
  • 75% would rather lose their wallet than their smart phone

While security issues have been called into question with BYOD, the last two stats above, as crazy as they may be, really illustrate that people already put mobile security at the top of a their priority list.  The level of dependence people have on their mobile devices has already created a demand for doing business on them, so the growth of bring your own device management solutions will ultimately depend on turning it into policy.

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