GP 2016 R2 Capabilites: 3 Transformitive Features

GP 2016 R2 Capabilites: 3 Transformitive Features

Staying current with latest planning and accounting functionality is more critical to business success than ever. Find out which 3 features make Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 the most cloud-enabled version of the stalwart Great Plains accounting software ever released…


gp 2016 r2 capabilities

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Capbilities

With the PowerBI reports on the HTML5 WebClient homepage, combined with the accuracy and efficiency of Workflow 2.0, GP 2016 R2 is true cloud accounting software. You can get a complete list of features in the capabilities guide below.

This blog features our 3 Transformative Features in Dynamics GP 2016 R2: PowerBI, Workflow, HTML5.  You can see more feature highlights in this Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 article.

Let’s look at each of our 3 features in depth…


Take your reporting and planning to a whole new level with a business intelligence solution that connects your GP systems to multiple data sources with real-time analytics on the GP homepage.

  • Streamlined reporting with just the data you need
  • BI in real time from across systems
  • Role based intelligence reports on the GP homepage

With the latest GP 2016 R2 navigation, PowerBI can be displayed in many GP windows, allowing GP users to get a quick snap shot of their most critical data, allowing them to finish tasks more efficiently.

Power BI from Microsoft is a business intelligence app and integrates seamlessly with Dynamics GP 2016 R3, extending GP’s analytical capabilities.  Power BI delivers detailed analytical insights to help diagnose, solve and prevent problems or inefficiencies within a business.

Workflow 2.0

Workflow 2.0 eases the Dynamics GP approvals process across multiple departments in GP 2016 R2.

  • Structured and streamlined approvals
  • Simple Navigation Lists
  • Streamlined approvals from GL and Project Expense, to HR and Receivables

With easy to modify native workflows, Workflow 2.0 allows GP users to provide structured steps and approvals of business processes. Tailor to your unique business needs regarding General Ledger Batch, Receivables Batch, Payables Batch, Vendor, Purchase Order, Requisition, Employee, Time, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Direct Deposit, W4 and Project Expense.


Go cloud with Dynamics GP on any device with the added mobility of the HTML5 WebClient in GP 2016 R2.

  • Support for Multi-browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, Edge)
  • Support for Multi-device (Windows, iPad, Android)
  • New controls created for HTML 5 Web Client
  • UI changes
  • Window Search
  • Office “banner”
  • Navigation, color, etc.

HTML5 is the latest and greatest standard of web language GP 2016 R2 is utilizing it to deliver improved cloud performance with an HTML5 WebClient that makes GP accessible across web browsers and operating systems..

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 HTML 5 Web Client eliminates the need for the Silverlight plugin which powers the previous versions of the GP Web Client. While previous versions of GP do well using Silverlight, the Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 interface is the next step in improving how GP works as a cloud app.

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