GP 2015 R2 Human Resources – New Features in Dynamics GP 2015 R2

GP 2015 R2 Human Resources – New Features in Dynamics GP 2015 R2

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 at the end of last year, Microsoft introduced several enhancements to human resource and employee self-service functionality.  The most recent version of the software, Dynamics GP 2015 R2 comes equipped with even further enhancements to help improve human resources processes. You may be interested in the new features expected in the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Release.

Now Let’s a take a look at a few GP 2015 R2 human resources features…

Dynamics GP 2015 Cloud Discussion

Time Management App

This new app for Dynamics GP is available for Windows 8, iOS iPad devices, and Android tablets. The time management app allows GP Employees to enter vacation and sick time into payroll or enter time off against benefit timecodes within GP 2015 R2 human resources.. The app will use the settings within Dynamics GP to determine what types of pay codes the user can enter time against.

When users are signed into the time management app they are able to enter time against paycodes for vacation and sick time and benefit time codes in HR depending on what module is setup for the Accrue Type. From the summary panel, employees can see their available balance and active timecards which they can enter time against. They can also view saved and submitted timecards within the active pay periods and for 2 months.

Employee Self Service – W2

There are a number of self service features in GP 2015 R2.  One of the top suggestions for employee self-service functionality has been to allow employees to view and print their own W2, and this functionality is now available as part of Time Management self-service in the newest release of GP.

Self Service User Type

A Self Service user type has been added to the latest version of Dynamics GP.  This user type will enable users that only require very limited access to the system a more cost effective way to perform tasks such as entering payroll time, entering project time and expenses, or creating a requisition.  This feature also includes Employee Self Service security roles with the option to select security tasks available for each user type, which will make the task and role assignment more efficient.

Mask Employee SSN on Reports

This feature gives human resource managers and payroll administrators the option to mask the employee social security numbers on a predefined list of payroll reports. A payroll administrator can apply a mask for a particular report so that the employee social security number field on the report will appear as XXX-XX-XXXX to protect employee privacy rights.

These have been some of the new enhancements to payroll and HR in GP 2015 R2.  Stay tuned for further rundowns of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2.

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