GP 2015 Purchasing – New features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

GP 2015 Purchasing – New features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 this month, and as usual the innovators at Microsoft have worked to continually add functionality and improve existing tools inside Dynamics GP Cloud 2015 with many new enhancements.  One of these enhancements we would like to discuss in today’s blog post is GP 2015 Purchasing with the newly redesigned All in One Document View.

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Improvements to GP 2015 Purchasing All in One Document view allow users to view related purchasing documents in a single window and can be accessed from the Vendor Maintenance window along with many purchasing inquiry windows, Navigation lists and even the Home Page.  The user’s most recent documents will default into the window and friendly navigation buttons under each column allow the user quickly see the next set of 5 transactions.

Let’s look at some of the other talking points in this window that will save users time in searching for information that is relevant to any purchasing document they may be viewing.

All in One Document View Checkboxes

When you select a checkbox for one document the window will redisplay the columns with only the related documents. So let’s say you select a purchase order—only the receipts, invoices, payments, and returns related to that PO will display.

All in One Document View Filter

The Filter icon will allow users to select and open historical or saved documents versus posted documents in the All in One Document View window. The options are specific to each column and saved by each user, allowing users to tailor what they want to see. Specific searches are also enabled in the filter window to further narrow down the search results. The clear filter icon with the red x will clear all filters and reset back to defaults.

All in One Document View Options

The Options button now allows users to select which columns they want to see in this window. Let’s say a user does not use Purchase Orders—they can uncheck the box to make the first column display Receipts. By default the Credit Documents column does not display but with this column checked, up to six columns of data can be shown.

The newly redesigned GP 2015 Purchasing all in one document view will save GP users substantial time, and help deliver the specific data your people need to do their specific job and make more proactive decisions.

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Stay tuned for further rundowns of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2.

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