Go Beyond Business Apps

Go Beyond Business Apps

When considering a new enterprise resourcing planning solution, the way businesses prioritize their criteria is dramatically different than it would have been just a few years ago.  Of course, the biggest changes have come out of the demand for cloud based services and mobility.  These days anyone can download an app and implement it for their own purposes, often raising questions of security and data integrity.  So now the process of selecting an enterprise resource planning solution has become about selecting a portfolio of cloud solutions and services, and choosing a cloud provider that can take you beyond business apps.

This short film from Microsoft illustrates how a cloud based Dynamics solution can deliver a complete office suite that is accessible from any device and connects with other apps for a user experience that is truly groundbreaking.

RoseASP can deliver a cloud experience that includes a complete web based business management application portfolio that can be accessed from a single dashboard.  Combine your ERP,  CRM, O365, and social (including Twitter or Skype) and take your organization’s technology beyond business apps.

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