General Accounting in Dynamics GP

General Accounting in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP has robust General Accounting functionality. If you have multiple companies to control and report on, or you have a complex account structure, Dynamics GP can help you keep on top of it.

These are some of the basic features:

General Journal Entry – This is the basic transaction in the general ledger. All transactions generated from subsidiary systems go through this form and are available for viewing or edit if the system is set up that way. You can enter foreign currency transactions, attach supporting documents. You can also out the transactions in a recurring batch so that you can post them periodically.

Reversing Journal Entry – You can use the general journal entry as a reversing entry. You merely specify the date on which you want the transaction to reverse. It is not necessarily the first day of the next period. You can pick any date you wish.

Correcting Entry – This allows you to reverse a previously posted general ledger transaction to correct an error. You also have an option to enter a new transaction that will represent the correct entry.

Copy Entry – This allows you to copy a previously posted general ledger transaction,

Inquiry – The inquiry and drill-down functionality in Dynamics GP is really very good. You can drill down from a general ledger account and see summary level;s and detail transactions. You can see the full general ledger transaction; all debits and credits. You can also drill across modules to see the originating document and related transactions, e.g. payables checks with a list of payables invoices paid with the check.

Trial Balance Report – The detail trial balance can give you all the information you need for account support and analysis. You can easily modify the report if you want to add additional information.You can make various selection criteria and save them as a report name and re-run them any time you wish.

Series Posting – This screen shows you all general ledger transactions that have not yet been posted. This is a good screen to go to prior to running financial statements to make sure all transactions have been posted. You can also post the transactions from this screen.

Here’s a quick video from which you can select the specific areas you’re interested in:

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