FY15 Kick Off and Three 2015 IT Predictions

FY15 Kick Off and Three 2015 IT Predictions

It’s about time to leave the Big Easy and head back home after Microsoft Dynamics FY15 Kick Off.  It was a great time getting face to face with Partners and Microsoft folks that we don’t see every day and to learn about all the new exciting changes coming to the Dynamics Community.  We had a great time at THE Cloud Party and we’re looking forward to growing the event in coming years.  FY2015 is officially kicked off and it’s exciting to think about the road ahead.  With that in mind here are a few 2015 IT predictions from various reports put out by Gartner.

Overall IT Spending to grow 3.7 percent in 2015

Gartner predicts that overall IT spending will reach $3.89 trillion in 2015 for a total growth of 3.7 percent in 2015.  IT services will account for more than 25 percent of that for a total of more than $1 trrillion.

“However, 2015 through 2018 will see a return to ‘normal’ spending growth levels as pricing and purchasing styles reach a new equilibrium. IT is entering its third phase of development, moving from a focus on technology and processes in the past to a focus in the future on new business models enabled by digitalization,” said Richard Gordon, managing vice president at Gartner.

More than 50 Percent of all CRM instances will be deployed via Sofware as a Service (SaaS) models.

A recent report from Gartner reports that the CRM market’s revenue will hit $23.9 billion before the year is out, with cloud counting for 49 percent of that number.  The firm also predicts that SaaS deployments will account for more than half of all CRM installs during 2015.

“Unsurprisingly, high-tech, banking, insurance, securities, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, IT manufacturing and IT services vertical industries will continue to be the largest spenders on CRM as they have the widest use of different types of CRM applications and technologies,” said Ed Thompson, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “All these industries are also increasing investment in emerging economies, further driving spend.”

Big Data to Create Nearly 2 billion US IT Jobs

A 2012 report form Gartner predicts that the total worldwide growth for IT jobs stemming from the Big Data market will reach 4.4 billion.  In the US there will be 1.9 billion new IT jobs thanks to Big Data.

“By 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs globally will be created to support big data, generating 1.9 million IT jobs in the United States,” said Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner and global head of Research. “In addition, every big data-related role in the U.S. will create employment for three people outside of IT, so over the next four years a total of 6 million jobs in the U.S. will be generated by the information economy.“

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