Fresh reasons to go cloud

Fresh reasons to go cloud

Cloud computing solutions have recently seen rapid adoption rates from big enterprises who are often going with hybrid models and having a lot of success with them.  But many SMBs are still sticking to their traditional IT solutions or entry-level accounting systems. gives a couple of fresh reasons why SMBs should switch to a cloud solution like ERP cloud.

While the obvious reasons are listed, cost-saving, business efficiency and so on, there are also the less often referred to, but equally good reasons for an SMB to make the switch.

A cloud solution allows for more freedom in hardware purchases.  And SMBs can acquire a stronger IT team by utilizing remote consultants.

Where traditional home-grown solutions often require unique hardware configurations to operate.  Cloud-based enterprise software is compatible with a much wider variety of systems.  Why is this important? The option to select the hardware that best fits the needs of your organization allows you to optimize your systems even further and it can also lead to cost savings.

Cloud or not, system security, performance, and integrity all have to be maintained on a regular basis, but hiring a first-rate IT team is often too costly for SMBs.  So they either hire the lowest bidder or don’t hire enough people to get the job done.  With cloud, top professionals in IT are available without the burdening payroll expense.

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