Four tips to make your CRM transition easy

Four tips to make your CRM transition easy

The decision to make a major software change is never an easy one for a business to make.  Switching ERP or CRM systems can present a lot of different and unexpected challenges.  Even upgrading from off-the-shelf accounting software can be tricky, but in the end it will prove to be worth the trouble and save a love of headaches and improve the business in the long run.  So here are four tips from to help make your CRM transition easy.

1.Put the business on the therapists couch

All this means is ask some important questions about the business first.  Will the business need this? How will it improve business? What productivity gains will actually be experienced with this new software? How am I going to sell this to the rest of the entire organization?

2.Get into the features and gaps

There will inevitably be gaps between what you have now and what you want in terms of software. So, identify them. This might require in-depth discussions around the business about how they use the CRM–or indeed, whether they use it at all. The discussion should involve each department, how they can work better with others, and what they need for the technology to help them improve current processes.

3.Cultivate a culture of change

You have already assessed what each department needs and wants.  Now let them and the rest of the executive team know that this decision to switch is ultimately going to make everyone’s life easier and improve the business.  Creating a sense of ownership and excitement before the system is in place will make the team more likely to use it, and that is the number one goal.

4.Fleshing out the details

It is essential that when fleshing out the detail, you do so with both the incumbent and the new provider so that the transfer of data fields is seamless. Because you want to maintain those links that you have created between contacts, companies and opportunities.


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