Five enterprise software musthaves

Five enterprise software musthaves

When enterprise resource planning was introduced it was a lot less user friendly than it is today and it didn’t offer nearly as much as it does now. But that didn’t stop it from becoming a popular tool among the large enterprises that were able to afford it.  Today ERP and ERP cloud go way beyond the original vision of enterprise resource planning. Below are just a few features that have become modern enterprise software musthaves, and if your legacy software or off-the-shelf accounting solutions are not up to par, then your business might be suffering.

Business Intelligence

Integrated business intelligence and collaboration tools that connect across departments and core business processes.  If departments aren’t on the same page then business isn’t being carried out as efficiently as it could.

Modern Familiar Interface

We live in world where everyone uses some form of computing every day.  With a user experience that is familiar to personal use systems your people will be more motivated to work and require less training.

Mobility Movement

Many IT professionals are skeptical about the mobility movement.  But the truth is people do most of their work and social interaction on a smartphone these days.  Anytime, anywhere access will utilize this technology to make your people more productive.


Flexible cloud deployment options make scaling up and down, adding and removing users, and software updates a painless process.

No Capital Expense

Unlike the on-premise systems of yesterday SaaS ERP can go into the books as an operational expense and eliminates up-front capital expenditures.


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