Financial planners leverage CRM : CRM success story video

Financial planners leverage CRM : CRM success story video

On this blog we talk a lot about technology’s ability to help business streamline operations and become more efficient.  Technology solutions like Microsoft Cloud Dynamics deliver world class enterprise resource planning and are proven to deliver insight and efficiency gains, but at the end of the day personal relationships with customers and partners are what make a business successful.  Technology solutions that help nurture those relationships are increasingly important to businesses of today.  Customer resource management (CRM) is designed to do just that.  Raymond James is a great example of how a firm’s financial planners leverage CRM to nurture relationships with their clients.

Financial Planners Leverage CRM to Nurture Relationships

“We were able to deploy at an enterprise level a comprehensive contact management system.  So CRMlets us tie right to our back office, it lets us tie right to advisor access which is what our advisors use each day to talk to our clients,” said, Josh Bohlander, VP of Advisor Technology, Raymond James.  “As we rolled out Microsoft dyanmics we’ve seen a lot of advisors be able to leverage the dynamics platform and the effeciences we are able to bring through the integration of Microsoft CRM with our back office and with our primary advisors system.”

With over 6,000 advisors serving  over tens of millions of clients, Raymond James  Advisors continue to focus on delivering personal service, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Between  looking at all the systems that we evaluated, CRM Dynamics was a product that we could develop.  And we could develop quickly,” said Melissa Lorigo, Software Engineering Manager, Raymond James.  “Since we bring every thing from the back office it really is like we have 12,000 users.”

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