Financial Budget Management on the Go – In the Cloud W/ Dynamics ERP

Financial Budget Management on the Go – In the Cloud W/ Dynamics ERP

It might be easier than you think for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics users to upgrade in the cloud and turbo-boost financial budget management and planning, whether using tools within Dynamics like MR, an in-house legacy system or an ISV budgeting solution. See Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Options

Go Cloud Securely With better Financial Budget, Planning and Forecasting Tools

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Do you need powerful, easy-to-use budgeting, forecasting and planning tools that are accessible from any device—on the go or in the office? Moving financials to a secure private cloud is a simple and safe way to achieve this.

A financial budget is a critical tool for your business and it allows you to control performance and achieve your goals. A financial budget sets future expectations and provides a guidepost against which you can measure your actual financial performance. The ability to securely access that tool from anywhere, anytime comes with immediate value to the C-suite.

  • Make budgeting and forecasting easier for all budget-contributing professionals
  • Put an end to back-and-forth emailing of budget spreadsheets
  • Make organization-wide budget collaboration easier
  • Manage and synch multiple budgets in one system
  • Accomplish day-to-day tasks with more efficiency, more intelligent data and more focus to drive profitability

But what about security, compliance, data ownership and control in the cloud?

Many cloud-based financial software services only offer a public environment and offer limited control over upgrades and other changes. This is why choosing the right cloud provider is critical. A full-service cloud accounting provider will offer…

  • Tailored cloud environments with improved security over in house sytems
  • A variety of solutions from which to choose
  • More control in the hands of the customer
  • More personalized service (The last thing you want is for your financial processes to come to a standstill just because your cloud provider is “too big” to answer the phone)

Got compliance concerns? Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics Cloud for SOX, HIPAA, FDA and more.

Make the Day-to-Day Exciting Again

Enterprise CFOs & CEOs with investor relations requirements, as well as owners of changing small businesses, have heavy expectations placed on them. They have to make big decisions that will improve financial effectiveness, boost cash flow, fuel growth and drive profitability.

Making big decisions requires accurate and timely data with insightful reporting, but it also requires innovative thinking. A cloud based accounting solution can deliver the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions, but equally important—the right solution will also make day-to-day tasks more efficient and less prone to errors caused by manual re-keying. With all of that out of the way, decision makers have more time to focus on big picture innovation that grows profitability.

Did you know..?

You can upgrade your Dynamics cloud system and keep your budgeting, planning and business forecasting processes, including Excel import/export, custom configurations and 3rd party software integrations. This allows you to maintain your current financial processes, so there’s no down time as you move to a new system. Then with the advanced features and available add-on products you get with the latest Dynamics software, you can start improving your budgeting, planning and forecasting processes immediately.  Ideally you will want to keep your budgets in your Hosted Dynamics ERP system to enable fast, accurate reporting and securely maintain your budget information.

Cloud Options

Depending on your needs, you may choose to use a public cloud, a shared private cloud or a dedicated private cloud. A private hosting provider is able to deliver custom configurations and integrations to 3rd party software or legacy in-house systems. While this is possible in the public cloud, a full service hosting provider will offer more flexibility and deliver services to make your cloud migration seem easy. Learn more about cloud options for Dynamics ERP.

If you are looking to upgrade your Dynamics system in the cloud, now is a great time to add functionality. Here is a marketplace app where you can test drive the latest Dynamics solutions and get a list of vendors who provide financial budget software options for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Financial Budget Tools – Dynamics ERP Add-On App Marketplace

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