Existing GP Client Realizes 7 Benefits When Hosting With RoseASP

Existing GP Client Realizes 7 Benefits When Hosting With RoseASP

TyraTech had been using Dynamics GP 9.0 and was two releases behind the current version of the software.  Anticipating significant growth in business activity for the second half of 2011, TyraTech decided it was no longer interested in spending time and resources in administering its Microsoft Dynamics ERP environment and made the determination to move to a cloud. 

Working with a very compressed schedule (three weeks, between the end of TyraTech’s fiscal 2010 audit and their physical move from Florida to Raleigh, NC), IntellPartners completed a successful transition to the cloud and an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 within the operational constraints established by TyraTech and within the prescribed budget allotted by TyraTech’s management and investors.  

As a result of the move to the RoseASP Dynamics hosting offering, TyraTech has realized the following benefits: 

  • 36% reduction in internal IT management costs
  • 100% reduction in software annual maintenance plan costs
  • Guaranteed up time of 99.5% or greater
  • Remote access to the business application anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic software upgrades to the latest version
  • Automatic service pack upgrades
  • More time to focus on strategic IT initiatives

Every week we’re seeing new and existing Dynamics GP customers choosing to host their ERP systems at RoseASP.

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