ERP Upgrade – Why Do It?

ERP Upgrade – Why Do It?



Why commit to an ERP upgrade if everything is working fine? Why incur downtime for an ERP upgrade, and why spend any money on it at all? What’s the benefit?

These are some of the reasons you might want to endure a project to upgrade your ERP system:

Fix bugs and recurring oddities that drive you nuts. ERP systems include thousands of lines of computer code. And even though most ERP systems are subjected to rigorous quality testing, the way a particular system may run on your network with your equipment may cause unintended and unexpected errors. It makes sense to keep you existing system at least up to date with current service packs, patches, hot-fixes, whatever.

Take advantage of new functionality. ERP developers regularly add functionality that make their systems more useful; providing greater benefits to you. You should take advantage of them.

Take advantage of new technologies. You know that information technology is advancing every day to make software more efficient, and more useful. You want to connect to your email server? You want to connect to your vendors and customers using instant messaging? You want to connect your ERP system to your web sites? Adopt new technology.

Provide latest technologies to your employees. You probably hire your employees because you think they are bright and productive. Making new technology available to your employees allows them to be even more productive and more creative. By not upgrading your ERP system you are not taking advantage of this important leveraging within your organization.

Committing to an ERP upgrade is an investment of time and money, but I think you’ll find it worthwhile.

If you host your Dynamics ERP system at RoseASP we will perform the system upgrades as part of your standard hosting agreement. There is no additional cost for this service.

If you’ recurrently running your Dynamics ERP system on-premise, you might want to consider hosting it at RoseASP. You can request a hosting quote here:

ERP Upgrade Hosting Quote Request

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