ERP System Implementation Satisfaction

ERP System Implementation Satisfaction

Panorama Consulting publishes a lot of great information about selecting and implementing ERP systems. They recently published a new report:

Panorama Consulting Solutions developed the 2013 ERP Report to investigate ERP software selection, implementation and satisfaction trends across industries, company sizes and geographic locations. The report summarizes Panorama’s independent research into the experiences of ERP customers with regards to enterprise software, vendors, consultants and implementations overall.”

The report indicates that people are generally satisfied with their ERP system implementation. But why is that? This is a conclusion in the report:

“It is also important to note that project fatigue can result in executives, implementation teams and end-users breathing a sigh of relief at go-live and considering the project “done” and themselves and the company “satisfied.” Organizations must be careful to ensure that end-users and executives know that results will be measured against key performance indicators for the life of the software and that go-live is just one of the goals of the project. ”

This is pure gold; a compelling reason to state a business case for implementing a new ERP system, and for measuring the benefits. You have to do this part or you’re wasting your time and money.

“Companies that do not use a business case – and thus do not measure actual project results against any expected benefits – likely have a harder time defining success or failure for the company, various functional areas or even individuals. Clear communications to end- users and stakeholders about the goals of the ERP project, expected benefits and actual results can create a more unified and realistic satisfaction and success measures.”

I really urge you to download the entire 2013 ERP Report from Panorama Consulting Solutions’ web site here.

Here’s a chart that shows a delineation of overall satisfaction levels:

ERP Overall Satisfaction

These are two necessary steps for a successful ERP implementation:

  1. Create and communicate a solid business case with measurable benefits.
  2. Measure the benefits achieved at the end of the implementation and periodically, going forward.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Panorama Consulting Solutions ERP 2013 Report, do it now.

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