ERP System Customization

ERP System Customization



ERP system customization is always an option when a business evaluates its existing ERP system or is evaluating a new ERP system. Some want to avoid it completely; won’t even think about it. Others are convinced it can only be done right if they do it themselves. Most everyone is in between those extremes.

Eric Kimberling offers a nice overview of your options in his post here.

I definitely think that if your can create a competitive advantage for your business by creating a software solution or customizing an existing system, you probably need to do that. I imagine that there are financial services firms that have created new systems to take advantage of new market situations and a new regulatory environment to give themselves an advantage by making it easier to market and sell their services. They have come up with new systems to allow their sales people to more easily explain offerings and close sales. Or maybe they’ve automated the whole process. This makes it more attractive to customers and makes it easier for the business to operate.

On the other hand if you think you want to create a new accounts receivable system for your business, I don’t generally see much advantage in that. There are hundreds of accounts receivable systems available. I’m sure you can find one to meet your needs.

We have a lot of information available at our Cloud Resource Library about ERP systems. Check it out here.

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