ERP Hosting Partner: 3 reasons to have one

ERP Hosting Partner: 3 reasons to have one

Cloud computing is here to stay and for good reason.  It has changed the way we socialize, bank and do business.  With that in mind.  Here are three reasons businesses should go with an ERP hosting provider for their business management cloud needs.


ERP Hosting Partner

ERP Hosting Partner Case Study: PurFoods reported that 69-percent of surveyed companies said there was a lack of quantity and quality of technology workers.    Your IT department may be in great hands, but where you might have one person on your team who has experience with cloud hosting, going with an experienced ERP hosting partner puts an entire team of hosting experts in charge of your cloud solution.  With an ERP hosting partner who is wholly dedicated to providing hosted ERP service, the team of cloud experts at your disposal does nothing but make sure your mission-critical applications run smoothly and your data is easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Total Cost of Ownership

The cost saving potential of cloud computing has been heralded enough across the web, so I won’t linger here.  But think about all the ways you save on IT staffing and training, licensing, hardware investment, maintenance, the list goes one. And the predictable pricing offered by the hosting provider might mean a little more wiggle room in the budget.

Total Commitment

An ERP hosting partner delivers more than just cloud service.  Their day-to-day job is to improve, innovate and reinvest in delivering hosted solutions so they can provide guaranteed service levels and ensure that your ERP system is as efficient as possible.  With that knowledge your IT team is freed up to concentrate on more strategic and innovative initiatives that will grow the company.

Check out the case study above to see how PurFoods benefited from a Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting provider.

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