ERP Hosting Benefits for IT

ERP Hosting Benefits for IT

My experience is that IT managers are split on their desire to be associated with the ERP systems in their companies. Some don’t want anything to do with it, and let the finance function handle it.

Others are very much tied to their ERP systems. Considering hosting their ERP systems in the cloud, these types don’t want anything to do with it. They want to keep it on-premise.

These are some of the IT related benefits of hosting an ERP system in the cloud:

  • Maintenance of all software is completed by the hosting organization. All relevant service packs, patches, and version upgrades are applied by the hosting organization, usually at no additional cost.
  • The system is easily scaled up or down depending on the client’s needs. The goal is to meet end users’ expectations for performance.
  • All security is managed by the hosting organization. Active Directory, User add/change/delete, intrusion detection, virus protection; all handled by the hosting organization.
  • Regular backups. We do daily backups; take weekly, monthly, and yearly backups off-site. We keep yearly backups for 7 years. We do periodic test restores to make sure everything is working properly. This pain in the neck is no longer yours.
  • Spend less on ERP-related IT personnel. Maybe this is why some IT managers don’t like hosting so much.

This video goes into it a bit more:

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