ERP for brewers success story – New Belgium

ERP for brewers success story – New Belgium

One of the great things about the craft brew industry is the connection that brewers have with their product.  Check out this video below to learn more about how New Belgium Brewery leverages Microsoft Dynamics ERP for brewers.   

“Inventory was kind of all over the place,” said Kaitlyn Peot, Sales Support Swashbuckler, New Belgium Brewing Co.  “So to manage a number that you have no trust in makes it pretty difficult.  With ax now, it’s pretty awesome.  I look at a number and say yep that’s what we’ve got and now I can plan accordingly.”

New Belgium is one of the first craft brewers to automate systems. While automation may appear on the surface to to remove the human element, it actually frees up time for manufacturers and other industries to spend more time focusing on improving the products and less time worrying about the everyday repetitive processes.  New Belgium brewing offers a great example of how ERP for brewers like Microsoft Dynamics AX can actually help you gain a closer connection to the product and the consumer.

“Wether it’s a brewer in the brew house or a sales person in another state or a customer trying to get information from our website or a beer app on their phone trying to find their local favorite brands, [Dynamics has] really enabled us to extend that experience both internally and externally,” said Travis Morrison, IT Director, New Belgium Brewing Company.

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