ERP cloud success through communication

ERP cloud success through communication



If your company has recently adopted an ERP on-premise or ERP cloud solution there is still a long road of training and organizational change ahead.  It’s time to see how successful the project will be and the best way to get the most out of the software and to make sure all employees are on board is through communication.

Communication with employees will help them better understand and appreciate the value of the software.  Panorama Consulting recently published a few tips in their blog on how to effectively communicate with the staff during an ERP project.

It is important to communicate to staff and management how the new system will affect and improve their daily activities.  Memos should be distributed and meetings should be held communicating all changes.

It is also important to communicate with stakeholders.  This includes end-users, customers and executives.  Let your customers know about upcoming changes and ensure them where they need assurances.  Keep Executives apprised of goals and how these goals are being met.

It is a natural reaction for people to shy away from dramatic change.  That is why it is so important for the project team on an ERP cloud implementation to communicate with the entire team so that the change is less dramatic.  This will ensure that the system gets used, and that it gets used to its full potential.

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