ERP cloud puts a world of data in your hands

ERP cloud puts a world of data in your hands

The tradition of enterprise resource planning is an internally focused system of software and hardware that allows an enterprise to manage, track and analyze business processes across the entire organization.  In the best cases they have given decision makers insight for more accurate forecasting and budgeting.  But until recently, these were bulky expensive systems that required a lot of internal maintenance resulting in a market that was only available to major enterprises.  But with the creation SaaS and hosted ERP, there is a new school of ERP that is within reach for SMBs.

And there is more to cloud ERP than just a low price tag.  The systems of today do more and are easier to use than ever before.  The inherent connectedness of ERP cloud makes a world of data available to a cloud-based system that just isn’t within the grasp of an on-premise system, which usually has no connection to the larger world of the internet.

It is easy to forget how new social media and cloud technology is because we have adopted them so rapidly, but the truth is that we are still in the infancy stage for a lot of this technology.  I’m not talking about market maturity so much as the way we put these technologies to work for us.  In this sense we are only at the beginning.  Already the analytical and process management power of an ERP cloud solution is something that SMBs can’t afford to do without.  And adopting a system now makes it easier to gradually upgrade as new enhancements evolve over time.  And that evolution is going to be exciting to watch over the next few years.

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