ERP cloud is the right move for seasonal enterprises

ERP cloud is the right move for seasonal enterprises


Scalability is a buzz word that is commonly associated with growth.  But for seasonal industries like tax preparation, agriculture and education, scalability is about more than planning for the future.  It is a factor that affects the bottom line every year.  An ERP cloud solution can offer the flexibility to accommodate seasonal fluctuations.

The blog space at features an article that explains why hosted ERP software is best suited for seasonal scalability issues like huge influx of staffing and transactions.

It used to be that seasonal industries had to invest in infrastructure and software to support these influxes during the busy season, but they were left the cost of these investments year round—a very inefficient way to do business.

ERP cloud solutions provided by solutions such as Microsoft Cloud Dynamics can be scaled up and down in a much more cost effective and efficient way.

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