ERP cloud is more than just the cheaper alternative

ERP cloud is more than just the cheaper alternative

In discussions about enterprise resource planning price is always an important point of the conversation. This is for the most part because ERP systems are expensive.  And now that ERP cloud has become a popular option, conversations on the subject often discuss it as the less expensive option.  While this may be true ERP cloud is more than just the cheaper alternative.  In many cases a cloud solution is the better, more modern option.

A good example of this can be seen in schools who are adopting cloud solutions. According to a recent article at,  40 percent of K-12 schools are using cloud storage,  while collaboration tools like conference take place 36 percent of the time in the cloud and office and productivity solutions are 33 percent cloud-based in elementary schools.

In almost all cases the decision to use a cloud solution was made because of the affordability, but once done it becomes obvious that there are a lot of benefits to using cloud including improved elasticity, scalability, and efficiency.

Obviously schools are not the same thing as business, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are making a great strategic IT decision.  And consider that a public is school operates in world free of profit.  They are funded in various ways and they spend those funds to stay open, so efficiency and productivity are the only measure of success a school has, and therefore picking the right solution is of dire importance.

In most cases an ERP cloud solution is going to be more affordable than an on-premise system, but the benefits go far beyond that.

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