ERP cloud is ideal for post-recession manufacturing

ERP cloud is ideal for post-recession manufacturing

While the different applications of enterprise resource planning have grown since its origination, ERP roots will always be with manufacturing.  Manufacturing is one of the industries that was hit the hardest by the recent recession, but now that the financial future is looking a little brighter after so many years many manufacturers are back on track.  As they begin to grow and adapt to the new financial environment they are going to need a solution to help them navigate the new waters.  ERP cloud is ideal for post-recession manufacturing.


A recent article at discusses five of the trends to look out for in the coming years and ERP cloud is a perfect for all of these trends.

More Just-in-time

As companies are still on guard with their finances they are less inclined to produce a surplus.  So they need to be able to quickly adapt to the market demands.

Increased Certification Tracking

Customers are starting to increasingly high levels of certification tracking.  That combined with increased government oversight, manufacturers are being forced to accurate trace entire life cycles of their products.

Faster Pace Business

Speed is crucial to manufacturers of today who want to stay competitive.  Sophisticated business intelligence and lean procedures are a must.

Doing More With Less

The recession has creating a spirit of frugality in all industries and in order to stay competitive, manufactures have to adapt to this new way of working.

More Demands from Customers

Supply chain management is more important than ever.  Manufacturers need to be able to meet the needs of their customers with speed and accuracy every time as the folks who they are delivering to are facing many of the same trends and running lean.

With ERP cloud manufacturers get more than forecasting, business intelligence, supply chain management and certification tracking abilities they need.  They get a solution that is fast to deploy, agile and one that optimizes doing more with less since they won’t need costly servers and IT staff to maintain the new system.


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