ERP Cloud Empowers SMBs

ERP Cloud Empowers SMBs

One of the main motivations for SMBs to adopt an SaaS solution is to lower the costs of purchasing license software.  SaaS offers more than just lower upfront costs.  It also offers long term savings.  Unlike home-grown and in-house systems ERP cloud is available with simple monthly pricing structures so SMBs can rise to compete on a plane with large organizations.  The history of ERP is plagued with failure stories and part of the reason for this is that with on-premise systems take a long time to get off the ground, and as we all know time is money.  ERP cloud time to use is a fraction of what is required by on-premise systems.

One of the great benefits that smaller companies can find with hosted ERP software is that there is so little maintenance.  Not only that, cloud computing is easier to update, easier to go mobile. And with a hosted Dynamics solution it is easy to use thanks to familiar, user-friendly experience.

But one of the common critiques of hosted ERP software is that it is less customizable than traditional systems.  But with the right software and the right provider this is not true.  With the host of add-on products and solution, hosted ERP & CRM solutions can provide industry specific tools and integration options to fit your business’s specific needs.

For all of these reasons ERP cloud adoption continues to grow and empower SMBs with enterprise level solutions.

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